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    AS2 Screensaver


      HI all,


      I really need your help in making a screensaver in Flash Pro CS6 using AS2. Basically, what I have is a video which is my screen saver on the 10th frame. I want the screensaver to work so that if the mouse isn't clicked for 5 mins, the video is automatically shown. Obviously, if the mouse is pressed, the timer should be reset. I know at the moment that I need to use the onMouseDown function to reset the timer and the setInterval and clearInterval to set and reset the timer. However, I'm not sure how to put it all together. I'm guessing that the code would have to go on a separate layer on the timeline with one set of frames which covers the whole scene.


      Thanks for your help


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like you just need to try to implement what you have described - take it one thought/step at a time and it should all get tied together by the time you get thru it all.  After you do that you should come back if things don't work and explain what you tried, including the code that you implemented with it.

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