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    Any way to put your own zoom level in the zoom dropdown?


      It turns out that on my 15.6" laptop screen a 65% zoom level is about perfect for fitting my spread in the display so that I can actually read the text in the text frames. (Double-clicking the Zoom tool puts me at a 75% zoom level but with text frames going outside my screen viewing area).


      Pressing Control-Alt-0 puts me at 53.3% but with text slightly too small to read.  Being stubborn, I want 65%, because then I can read all my text and fit the whole spread in the window minus the white blank area between the pink (magenta?) margins and the page trim (black border) which I don't need to see.


      I know about the script method - I've already made my own keyboard shortcut for a 60% zoom level using a custom zoom60.jsx script file with a Control-Shift-1 keyboard shortcut.


      Is there any way to add that 65% zoom level to the Zoom dropdown menu on the Application Bar (top of window)?


      Note: You can't set a default Zoom level with no documents open because the Zoom control (dropdown at top) is greyed out - not accessible.





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          bvconway Level 1

          I found the ultimate solution to this - buy a new (business model) laptop with a better video card and screen.  My top ("recommended") resolution is now 1600 x 900.  The old one had a top resolution of 1366 x 768.


          Pressing Control-Alt-0 to Fit Spread in Window on the old laptop gives me a 53% zoom level with fuzzy text that borders on unreadable.  Pressing Control-Alt-0 on the new laptop gives me a 65% zoom level with text readable.


          But, what I want is a command called: Fit Spread in Window But With A Smidgeon of White Showing Beyond The Margins.  That turns out to be a 75% zoom level for me (which exists as a preset in the Zoom dropdown on the Application Bar at top of the interface), but I'll still need to do a script and map it to something like Control-Shift-1 because 75% does not result from any of the choices under the View menu. (Using Control-minus(-) and Control-plus(+) will get me to the 75% though). And, I want to get to that 75% without using the mouse.


          Without getting too technical, I think working on a program like InDesign on a consumer model laptop (Acer Aspire 5535) with one of those horrible shiny screens is basically bad for your eyes.  I'm now on a Lenovo Thinkpad W530 with beautiful matte screen (no glare) and text with very sharp edges.


          I guess there are other solutions - like mapping Control-Alt-0 to a 75% zoom using a script to replace my current 65% zoom level.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            @ bvconway,


            Don't confuse a fixed zoom level with any sort of fit spread command. Fit spread, with or without a smidgeon of white showing, is a variable magnification depending on the size of the pages.

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              bvconway Level 1

              Thanks Peter, I didn't think of that (though I should have).