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    Copying a Shape Layer onto another layer in Photoshop CC

    PbcWeb Level 1

      I'm trying to create a custom shape, sold out with a border around it. I have a text layer and a layer with the border. I've right clicked on the text layer "Convert to Shape", selected the paths, copied and now when pasting it onto the border layer it pastes but there is no fill. You only see the path points. How do I get the fill to appear as well. Agggghhhh. Help please.


      When I move the text away from the box the fill is there. On top of the box it disappears.? I've tried arranging the layers but no change.


      It seemed to work if I cut out the fill after drawing 2 rectangles. I thought it would be quicker using a stroke with no fill but it appears the no fill covers what's inside.