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    After Effects CC (OSX MAVERICKS) Slow Over Network

    joeym4130 Level 1


      We just upgraded everyone at our small TV studio to CC. 


      We are opening an old AE CS6 project in CC, so it converts the project to CC and we resave it.


      We are having a HUGE issue where the entire AE program becomes laggy to any user input.  (click a layer, it takes 3-4 seconds to be selected. Type characters, 3-4 seconds to update,  Click a menu, it takes 3-4 seconds to open, etc etc)  Any user input takes a very long time to actually work in the program, so it is unusable.


      Here is what I figured out so far:

      -I still have CS6 installed on the mac and when I open the project in CS6 it works beautifully.

      -When I open the project in CC but do not connect to the network (and therefore have missing footage), everything also works perfect as far as user interaction.

      -Once I relink my footage, AE CC becomes laggy and unusable.


      So it seems by that evidence that something has changed from CS6 to CC, and for whatever reason CC is slow to look over the network for the footage and each user interaction causes the large wait in program response.  Moving footage locally to the computer fixes the problem, but we cannot work that way as we have TB's of footage on the network that is shared.


      We have not encountered anything like this in Premiere CC, or Audition, seems limited to AECC.

      AE has the latest CC updates downloaded/applied.