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    Issues after moving the Win \temp directory.

    Winginsue Level 1

      I just got a new computer with an SSD boot drive where programs are installed.  I move the Windows (Windows 7) temp directory to the secondary drive to prevent a lot of writing to the SSD drive.  This has caused problems with Photoshop CS6.  


      The first problem was opening the program.  I would get an "unable to open the cache file" then "unable to initialize the cache file".  This was solved by changing the properties to "Run as administrator".  It works but dang I get that silly user control dialogue box each time.   So the question here is; is there another way to deal with this?


      Second problem.  I notice that I can no longer drag an image from Win explorer to the photoshop work area.  I have to actually go OPEN the file from the file menu.  I can't even right click the file and choose open.  Major hassle.


      Thank you for any and all assistance with this.  I hope I don't have to move the temp directory back.  Maybe there is an environmental variable I can add in Windows?


      Thanks a bunch.