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    Loss of Cintiq pen pressure

    kristofer Level 2



      I have come across some unexpected behavior when drawing with a Wacom Cintiq in Flash CC.  Here's what happens:


      I draw like normal in a Flash file with pressure sensitivity on.

      I open a new file (it can be an existing document or a new blank file, it doesn't matter)

      I can draw like normal in the newly opened file with pressure sensitivity BUT...

      In the first file I had open, pressure sensitivity and the pen's eraser functions no longer work.

      The pen settings go back to normal after closing the second project.


      I have been able to replicate this exact issue on three computers and three Cintiqs.  This is a problem for me and others I work with because we often need to have two or more files open at a time.


      Here is some technical info about my setup:


      Windows 7 SP1

      Flash CC

      Latest Cintiq Drivers

      Windows Ink is On in Wacom Properties


      I have contacted Adobe numerous times regarding this issue and they can't seem to get through the bureaucracy of who I should speak with to solve my problem.  I'm waiting to hear back from a specialist now.  Has anybody experienced this and found a solution?