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    How do install InDesign CS3 on new iMac?


      I retired 4 years ago as an educator with InDesign CS3.  Still have all numbers and original disk.  It works perfectly on my MacBook Pro but I can't install it onto my new iMac.  I call Adobe tech and they just say they no longer support CS3 and wait for me to hang up.  When I try to install it I get message stating something is missing to install.  I assume it is refering to old binary code not present in OS 10.9.  MS Office had same problem a few generations back.  They want $700 for a new version of InDesign which I can't do!  I have thousands of files in InDesign which while I no longer work, I would like to double check and look at some of them.  Is there any way I can get my InDesign CS3 running?  Not sure how this posting works but if anyone has answers I would appreciate them getting back to me.