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    Embeded Flash movies in Flex app


      Flex noob with no real Flash experience. I have successfully loaded a Flash analogue clock swf file into an app I'm experimenting with in Flex. I used the image tag and is works well. I would like to also embed a Flash movie which is a news scroller. This movie calls in an external XML file as it's text source (who's content I change dynamically with php) and the original movie was wrapped in some html which passed in some 'param' parameters. Can anyone explain how Flex handles Flash movies like this?,

      many thanks,

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          CFuffle Level 1
          I found a solution to my problem so I thought I'd answer my own question here for the good of others who may experience the same issue. When using Flex on your local machine (localhost), security precautions inherent in Flash prevent the movies from showing up in Flex. Once I tested on the production server the movies showed up fine. The problem was nothing to do with the param's being passed in and Flex did not need any of the info from the html wrapper as far as I can make out,

          Hope that saves another newbie from some hair pulling,