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    Native Process works OK in FlashBuilder 4.6 'run' but won't export build




      I have a small application that uses the 'native process' feature to invoke Image Magick to process an image file. My environment is Widows 7/64 bit.


      The application runs perfectly within FlashBuilder 4.6 using the 'run' facility and with 'supported profiles' set to 'extendedDesktop' in the -app.xml file.


      But when I try to export-build it, I get an error message (306) listing the supported profiles but extendedDesktop is not one of them.


      I have also tried to package this using the native Flex 4.6 SDK but the same error occurs.


      If I add 'desktop' to the supported profiles, the application will export build, and then allows the creation of the exe from the air file.


      But the exe will not run and just 'hangs' once you get to the point where the native proessing is invoked.


      The native process documentation says that extendedDesktop is required so the application using 'desktop' perhaps understandably 'hangs'.


      Any assistance with this will be most appreciated.