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    HorizontalList, no ScrollBar, animated

    Fidel Viegas
      Hi Folks,

      I want to create a HorizontalList that will show some thumbnails, but I want to remove the scrollbar (I figure that out already!!!!), but I want my thumbnails to move as I hover the mouse over them. That is, I want them to move either left or right, depending if we are moving the mouse left or right. I see this effect quite a lot on the net, but could not find a Flex example yet.

      Can someone advise on this?

      Thanks in advance,

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          joan_lafferty Adobe Employee
          I asked around for some ideas and didn't come up with too much. You might want to try hiding the scrollbar and then using an AnimateProperty effect to change the horizontalScrollPosition depending on where the user is mousing over an item. I'm not sure that you can change horizontalScrollPosition if horizontalScrollPolicy="off" though. So, you might need to do something like setting the scrollbar to be invisible instead. Still, since the List components don't have smooth scrolling, you might not get the nice effect you want. You can also try using an HBox instead of a HorizontalList, I know that using an AnimateProperty with horizontalScrollPosition works smoothly here.

          Sorry, I wish I could be more help. This does seem like something that someone else would have implemented already before. You might want to ask on flexcoders if you haven't already. There is probably a bigger audience here.

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            Fidel Viegas Level 1
            Hi Joan,

            Thanks for taking the time to reply. I will try the last suggestion you have provided, and if I am not able to succeed than I will try on the flexcodders.