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    Backspace wrong behaviour in textarea


      I've recently found this problem: when I press the backspace on the keyboard in a textarea component (inside a tabnavigator) , it doesn't delete the carachters but it goes back on the previous tab as if I pressed the back button of the browser. This happens only with IE 11 and Flex SDK 3.6



      <mx:TabNavigator id="tabNavigator" tabWidth="150" tabHeight="60" height="100%"> 
          <mx:VBox label="left"> 
              <mx:TextArea id="id1" maxChars="1000" width="75%"/> 
          <mx:VBox label="right"> 
              <mx:TextArea id="id2" maxChars="1000" width="75%"/> 
          <mx:VBox label="top"> 
              <mx:TextArea id="id3" maxChars="1000" width="75%"/>