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    I wish we could "content aware" in AE!


      Hi Forum,


      i wish i would have this feature in After Effects rather than jumpiung form AE to PS back and forth.


      It would be a real timesaver for countless tasks we do now in photoshop.


      photoshop is great, but using to many apps on a tide schedule can be critical.


      Once introduce it will give us the ability to find new creative ways to use it, too.


      i would appreciate if i am to stupit to use AE. For me this is a feature that i am looking for a long time!





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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not sure what you're asking for. If you are talking about the content-aware fill or content-aware delete feature of Photoshop, it would be very difficult to port that to AE. The difficulty comes with the fact that things move over time in video. The algorithms used would need a lot of work in order to deal with moving images without flicker or boiling. The trick is to use the clone tool that comes with AE already or use the content-aware fill on a frame in Photoshop and then motion track the resulting still in After Effects.


          If you would like to see a new feature added to After Effects, you should fill out an official feature request.

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            eachfilm Level 1

            Hi Szalam,


            ok. So i go to Photoshop and do the work there and then return and replace my stuff in AE`?


            If it´s so much work and they are having problems with the algorithems, why not doing it for just one frame ?


            then exporting and importing could be skiped.


            I remeber times when tracking was a big deal! And then 3D Tracking inside of AE !!!


            And to pay for a killer feature? I would say if they get "content aware fill " (replace) done, user would just scream.


            At least i would scream. And for a lot of work i´m using singleshot painting stuff.


            And why not a "patch tool" in AE?


            And i don´t care if it takes long. As long as the result looks good and believable. Or maybe we could do this in the background?

            Like the motion stabilizer?


            I would like to hear, if other user would find this feature "good".


            it´s just me, that is thinking of this feature?



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              Dsarchy Level 3

              As Szalam said there are better ways to clone in after effects.


              Not alot of video composition is done frame by frame and if you do need to do that you can just work straight from Photoshop (Extended) and not use AE at all.