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    See Also Links Not Working


      Using RoboHelp

      Chrome browser 32.0.1700.76

      Generating WebHelp


      Note: Moving this discussion from Adobe Community > RoboHelp > Discussions to this forum (Adobe Community > RoboHelp > WebHelp).


      I apologize up front for the duplicate, but the original post was in the wrong forum I think, and I could not find a way to easily change the forum location.


      Can someone help, PLEASE?


      Can someone point me to a forum post that I have missed that has an answer?


      I have searched the forum posts for hours with no success. However, I did find some fixes to other problems related to opening WebHelp using Chrome.


      I have a WebHelp project containing See Also links.


      The links don’t work in Chrome. The links work as expected in Firefox and Internet Explorer.


      The links are not appearing anywhere in the topic, for example, at the top of the topic.


      The project is currently stored locally and can be opened.


      I stored the project on a network drive, but the links still don’t work.


      Is there any chance that the links will work if the project is stored on a Web server? I don’t have access to a Web server to test the links.


      I don’t have the luxury of upgrading to RH10, so I hope there is a fix that will work with RH9.


      Thanks in advance for any help.