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    Panel fails to load on ID CS6, Win 7/8

    poortip87 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am developing a Flex extension for InDesign CS6 using Flash Builder 4.6, Extension Builder 2.1. The UI is simple, just contains a button. On the application complete, I just initialize an object of a class. My problem is that sometimes, the button on the panel just doesn't load. For eg., if I close the ID application without closing the panel, and then re-open the application, normally, the panel should load fine with its components. But here, the button is not visible. I have to close the panel, and then re-open it to get the button to load. There is no specific pattern. I tried finding out the problem by setting up alerts in the pre-initialize, initialize, creation complete and app complete events. But these events are not triggered.


      On further testing, I found that if the panel is moved (eg. dragging the panel using the mouse), the panel loads instantly. Is there a bug in InDesign CS6, beacuse the extension loads just fine in other versions? Specifically the Win OS poses a problem. The one in Mac OS loads fine.


      Anything I can do to fix it?