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    Rectified Audio

    Jim_Simon Level 9

      In conjunction with Premiere Pro's catering to the FCP crowd, it seems that AE has also caved and now displays rectified audio waveforms by default.


      I know how to corerct that in PP, but for AE, how do I get back my proper waveform display?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Your answer is in the release notes.




          "By default, audio waveforms are shown as “rectified” audio waveforms, as in recent versions of Premiere Pro. This means that the magnitude of the audio is shown only in one direction from the horizontal axis, and the magnitude is shown on a logarithmic scale that makes it easier to see how loud a sound will be perceived to be. You can switch back to the old method of showing audio waveforms by deselecting Rectified Audio Waveforms in the panel menu of the Timeline panel."