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    upgrade wsconfig from command line problem


      I have 2 running sites (plus cfadmin) on an IIS 7.5 server.  I want to run the command line to use wsconfig to update the connector on the smaller production site before trying it on the larger one or all.


      If I run this command to get a list:


      wsconfig.exe -list

      There are 5 configured sites and 2 unconfigured sites

      Configured Site Number and Site Name:

        0              All

        1              Default Web Site (All)

        2              cfadmin (All)

        3              site1 (All)

        5              site2(All)

      Unconfigured Site Number and Site Name:

        4              ftp.site1

        6              ftp.site2


      Per the docs, to upgrade site1 it would be:


      wsconfig.exe -ws iis -upgrade -site "site1"   it returns


      The Internet Information Server (IIS) connector in site1 can not be upgraded due to the following error:

      This web server has not been configured for ColdFusion.


      Huh?  List shows it's configured (and CF does indeed run fine on it), but upgrade tells me it's not configured.


      I did also try

      wsconfig.exe -ws iis -upgrade -site 3 and got the same error.