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    Slow Code Editing in Flash Builder 4.7


      For some reason my Code Editor works painfully slow. I see that other folks have experienced this issue. I don't want to switch to another IDE. I have already increased the values of Xms and XMX (Xms1024m -Xmx2048m) and also created a new workspace but it did not make a difference. Other appliations work fine. I am using a i7 laptop with 16GB of RAM.


      FB was working fine and then all of a sudden started to slow down. I believe that it happened after I  installed Apached Flex SDK but I am not positive. I have other IDEs that I use for testing things so that might be a problem as well. I would like some help to fix the slow code editing because it is making it difficult to use FB and I don't want to change.


      I have Creative Cloud account.


      The size of the project is 19mb.