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    Can't Get KOBO Authorized

    very puzzled Level 1



      My computer is authorized by ADE, but I had to switch Kobo ereaders and I can't get the new Kobo authorized by ADE.

      So, I can put ebooks in my library but cannot transfer them to my Kobo ereader, what do I have to do.

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          sjpt Level 4

          Is the Kobo a dedicated ereader or a tablet?


          For a dedicated ereader, it should show up in left hand panel of ADE under devices when plugged in to USB and turned on.

          If so, use menu/Help/Authorize Device to authorize it.

          If not, check in your file manager whether it shows up as a mounted drive there, and post back here.


          For a tablet, run an ereader app and that will have authorization withing the app, probably in Settings somewhere.

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            I have tried to authorize the kobo but the authorize function is not available even though it is a new computer running Windows 10

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              I am having the same problem - my Kobo appears in the left hand section, I can transfer and it says Unread but when I click on the Kobo to open the book it says it is not authorized. When I go into the Authorization section it confirms my computer is authorized and doesn't give any option for authorizing the ebook.