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    Mini-Bridge hangs in Indesign CC


      Using Mac OSX Maverick on an Imac. Running 8mb of Ram. I have been an Indesign user since ID2 came out.


      Prior to upgrading to Maverick, I did not have a problem with the mini-bridge in IDCC. Since the upgrade, I am constantly getting the "waiting for bridge" message and it just sits there. One time it sat there overnight, spinning and "waiting on bridge". The problem is so bad I've abandoned mini-bridge completly and rely on Adobe Bridge. This is an acceptable solution but it does take a tad bit longer to switch out of ID, find the artwork I'm looking for, drag it to a box and then switch back to ID to resize it.


      I have searched the forums and have tried the solutions that have been posted but most of those were for ID CS5 or earlier. And none of them have solved the problem.


      I have deleted all the Adobe Creative Cloud software from my computer and have downloaded new versions. Still doesn't solve the problem. I tried creating a new user on my computer and it solved it for a short time, but created other problems since all my files are on my main user.


      Tried communicating with Adobe tech support which reminds me of the old saying about female anatomy features on a male pig. Even got bumped up to a Tier 2 support person, who actually suggested erasing my hard drive and reformating.  Not going to happen.


      Anyone have a more reasonable solution?