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    Selecting rows in tables


      Hello everyone


      As usual I have what should be a simple question. I am about to create a price list for a client. It will run to around 60 pages and have around two tables per page. The client wants a light tint behind alternate rows in the table to help with legibility. The trouble is - it's never actually alternating rows as there will be section headings. As an example the first two rows will never require a background tint, the next six might need every other, then miss one, then the next six, then miss two etc ... in other words 'non standard alternation' if you will.


      I have tried using the alternate fills palate but can't find a away to do non standard. You miss rows at the bebinning and at the end but not in the middle (as far as I can see).


      The only alternative - it would seem is to manually select alternate rows. The keyboard standard for this on a mac is to cmd click – this works pretty much globally but not, it seems, in an Indesign table. So what I'm left with is two unpalatable options" 1) Highlight individual rows one at a time and add a background colour (remember around 120 tables) or 2) Heaven forefend – I do it in Quark where you CAN multiple select alternate rows using the cmd click technique.


      Any ideas - gotta quite a frequent request I feel


      Thanks for your help





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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          This method does not automate the entire table, but you would modify only the category cells (In your example: WHITE WINE), and not the remaining cells.

          Make your table style with alternating fills. Use a table header, (in your example, this would be the gradated top cell). Table headers are independent of alternating cell coloring pattern. Create a cell style for category. Apply this cell style to necessary places.

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            MartinRTR Level 1

            Hi Jeffrey - many thanks for your reply I really appreciate it. However, whatever the solution for applying the background tint (yours is indeed a neat one) it doesn't solve the problem of having to highlight individual rows to modify them – to be honest I think I'm always going to have to do this due to the irregular nature of the way the wines fall relative to their headings. The biggest problem remains - is it possible to highlight more than one row at a time (usually cmd-click.