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    Complimentary Upgrade FB to 4.7


      I bought a CS6 Master Collection 2012. Lately, I realize I really need to upgrade FB 4.6 to 4.7.
      And I found it's Complimentary Upgrade last month.


      But today, when I try to download it, I can't find any page to get Complimentary Upgrade.
      Please help me. Thank you. 

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          Dan Zen Level 1

          A student of mine contacted Adobe about this and apparently the complimentary upgrade period has expired.  And... there is no upgrade to 4.7 from CS6 version of 4.6 - you have to buy the whole 4.7 at $500 or whatever.  4.7 is in Creative Cloud and that seems to be the way they are pushing.  It's not right but whatever.