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    InDesign - RGB vs CMYK PDF


      Hello everyone!


      I am trying to take a Skills Assessment (InDesign) test and at the end the instructions ask:


      Save the final file as "workshop.photoshop1.indd" and output two PDFs:

      • workshop.photoshop1-cmyk.pdf - CMYK at 300ppi

      • workshop.photoshop1-rgb.pdf - RGB at 72 ppi


      How do I go about changing my built design from CMYK to RGB? Also, How do I make sure the pdfs are at those PPIs?


      Please help! Thank you!

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          rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          InDesign documents don't have a color space—objects can be a mix Lab, RGB, CMYK, or spot colors


          You can convert all colors to a single space during a PDF export in the output tab. You can also set image resolution in the Compression tab:


          Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 2.36.15 PM.png

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            julianaereno Level 1

            Hi Rob!


            THANK YOU so much for your reply. But exactly what do I do in the Output section? Just choose the destination as RGB? Could you give me exact steps? Again, thank yoU!

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)



              If this is a skills assesment I think they want to assess your skills in ID, which would include knowing the answer to this question, rather than your skills in finding the answer (which are pretty good, by the way, since you wound up here).


              Rob has told you waht you need to know, though I don't think he should have in this case.

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                julianaereno Level 1

                I phrased my sentence wrong. FYI, the test was already taken and submitted.. I am trying to reflect on areas I wasn't too sure about. I WANT/NEED to learn one way or the other. At least I CARE ENOUGH to get it right the next time. I am also one to willingly share tricks/tips with those in question. Not everyone is greedy with their knowledge such as yourself.

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                  Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                  That's unfair - Peter is one of the most helpful people on this forum and you've just arrived and are ignorant. You should apologise.

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                    julianaereno Level 1

                    Okay. Peter, I apogolize for coming across rude or offensive. I truly didn't mean to. I thought it was pretty mean of Peter to immediately attack me as a learner, therefore I retaliated. I have been working SO hard to succeed at this test, and all I asked for was a little help. How would you like it if you asked for a tiny tip, someone helped you, and another person suggested you shouldn't be helped?


                    I am new here and I don't want to set a bad reputation (already). Still learning a lot about this community.

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      Well, that's different.


                      As Rob has said, you want to convert to destination in the Output pane of the dialog and choose your RGB or CMYK destination space. Switch to the Compression pane and you'll see settings for downsampling and the type and quality of compression. You'd want to set the downsampling for the RGB version to 72 ppi for images above 72 ppi.


                      That said, I have a feeling they might actually have expected you to submit an Interactive PDF instead for the RGB, which is a different dialog, but it defaults to RGB and 72 ppi.

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        I'm sorry I upset you Juliana. It wasn't personal, and if you hadn't mentioned the skills assesment I wouldn't have answered that way. We get a lot of students posting here who essentially ask us how to do their final exams. I have no problem answering a question if you want to learn how something is done, but I don't like to see students and job-seekers shortcut by passing off someone else's answers as their own. That helps nobody.

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                          julianaereno Level 1

                          Thank you so much, Peter Spier.


                          Again, I'm sorry for the not-so-friendly first impression. :/


                          As for the interactive PDF realm.. I figured some of that out via YouTube..

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                            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                            I didn't find your response rude or offensive at all. We're all here to help, and once I knew you weren't looking for someone to tell you how to complete the assessment I as more than happy to provide information.


                            As I said, I think you came to the right place to learn the answers to questions you might have about InDesign, so I hope you'll keep coming back.

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                              julianaereno Level 1

                              Oh, I absolutely will!!!  I was shocked at the quick responses. I am an exteremely eager learner, which is necessary in my field (visual design).. Believe me, I am so glad I decided to jump in the Adobe forum wagon. The question I posted above was a struggle for me to find elsewhere and was answered clearly in seconds here. Thanks again for your help!