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    Need get a distribution license of Flash Player for Swfkit

    Arioman Level 1

      hi , i use swfkit 3.5 for create standlone desktop Flash


      swfkit have a Flash_player_activex version 9 that will be install if the system not reconize flash player on windows .


      but now i really need to ugrade and use version 11 of flash player


      i dont know how the swfkit company make this Flash player Activex cause it`s only 2 mB and when i run it , it`s install files on silent mode



      so when i try to replace the new version of Flash player from Adobe Website For example 11 , my desktop Autorun cant install this replaced player and Show error !!


      here is part of help in swfkit :


      The .exe files built by SWFKit requires the Flash Player to run. However, the end user' computers may have no flash player installed. The "standalone" option in SWFKit resolves this problem. If you check this option, a most current version of flash player will be packed into the output .exe files. When such a stand alone .exe file is launched and it finds that there is no flash player in system, or the flash player in system is of the older version, it will use the packed flash player.

      The flash player that will be packed into a stand alone .exe file resides in the data subfolder of the folder that SWFKit was installed into. E.g. a typical path is "c:\program files\SWFKit Pro 3\data". The file name of the flash player is "install_flash_player_active_x.exe", whose version is If Adobe upgrades it, SWFKit will download it automatically by using the auto update feature. Another important file about the flash player is the flash_player.ini, which defines the version and file name of the flash player. If you want to use some special version of flash player, you can copy it into the folder and modify the flash_player.ini file. SWFKit will read the information of the flash player to create stand alone .exe files from the flash_player.ini file. The flash player should be an installer of the flash player that can be downloaded from Adobe after you get a distribution license.

      Because we have got a distribution license from Adobe, our distribution of the flash player is legal.


      so how can i get a distribution license for new Adobe Flash player ?? 


      i extract old flash player activex pack and i see only 2 files : Flash10b.ocx & FlashUtil10b


      i`m very confused and i really need to be update the flash player activex of this software , unfortantly swfkit company webtite is down and they not support us anymore