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    Iphone Video Settings?

    Dixon John

      Pemier elements has a hard time with my iphone vidieo.  If I use the stabilizer the video will not even play.  Are there settings to best handle iphone video?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Iphone won't edit easily because it uses a variable frame rate

          - A possible fix in message #22 http://forums.adobe.com/thread/934466

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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            Dixon John


            The variable frame rate used by some devices that record video does not constitute an automatic "does not work".

            I have found that to be true for iPod touch 4th generation as well as iPhone.


            What version of the iPhone do you have? What are the properties of the iPhone video that you have imported into Premiere Elements? Also, of prime importance, what version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


            What are you or the project setting as the project preset for the project based on the properties of these specific source media? See Edit Menu/Project Settings/General Editing Mode, Timebase, Frame Size and other parameters that appear to be grayed out. You may have to set the project preset manually before you import this video?


            Please explain what you mean by

            If I use the stabilizer the video will not even play.

            That makes me request specifics for

            Pemier elements has a hard time with my iphone vidieo

            The above makes me think that you have jerky video if you say that the program is having a hard time with your video and you couple that statement with mention of your use of the VideoStablizer. If jerky video is a major problem, then I would ask "Are you looking at the rendered or unrendered Timeline content playback at that point?" Is there a red or orange line at the top of the Timeline when you first drag your video to the Timeline?


            Lots of questions before we go calling in 3rd party software to create a constant rather than variable frame rate.


            Only your answers and results will direct us on the appropriate troubleshooting course.


            If you need clarification on any of the above, please do not hesitate to ask.





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              Dixon John Level 1

              Windows 8.1

              Toshiba Sattelite AMD A8 quad core

              Premiere elements 12

              Timeline won't render and with stabilizer the video wont play, just audio. 

              There is no setting in project settings for the iphone. I tried a couple.  Someone must have already figured this out since there are a bzillion iphones out there. Do you know anyone who edits iphone video in Prm Elements 12?

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                A.T. Romano Level 7

                Dixon John


                What iPhone version do you have?


                I need specific answers to help, and I want to help.

                Information such as

                There is no setting in project settings for the iphone.

                is not going to help me help you. I know what the program has to offer. I need to know how best to apply that to what you have in the way of video properties. And, we will not know that until you share that information with us. If you do not know the properties of your video, we will help you find that information. I suspect it is 1080p (1920 x 1080 @ 29.97 progressive frames per second), but suspect is not good enough as a base for troubleshooting.


                You say the Timeline won't render

                a. is there an orange or no colored line over the Timeline content?

                b. do you have the gray tabs of the Work Area Bar set to span the entire content of what is to be rendered?


                What does the Timeline content look like at playback without VideoStabilizer? Does it playback at all? I imagine it should since you are applying a Video Stabilizer to it.


                After you apply the VideoStabilizer, are you applying the detaults or customizing the settings for it? If customizing, in what way? The VideoStabilizer probably has the most dramatic affect (increasing) on rendering time for Timeline content to which it is applied. The nature of the clip plus the VideoStabilizer settings may have created this

                with stabilizer the video wont play,

                I think you get the idea of what is involved. Please allow us to help you sort out the details which you have on this  and which we need for you to share with us to help you.






                Add On...I have tested iPhone 5 video on Premiere Elements and found it to work. The classical issue with cell phone video is report of out of sync audio. If not corrected by correct Premiere Elements project settings, several of such users have found resolution in the matter by changing the variable to constant frame rates. Programs such as QuickTime Pro has been mentioned in this context. Also, use of Handbrake in this matter has help some.

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                  Dixon John Level 1

                  Thanks AT Romano




                  size is 1920 x 1080

                  iphone 4s

                  windopws properties say 29 fps

                  Premiere says 30


                  What settings do you suggest?


                  The orange bar over appears after I apply stabilizer to default settings.  I switched to DSLR HD with 30 fps and now the video renders at about 15 min for a 1 min video.  Much longer if I turn up the settings. Stabilizer makes it so the clip only plays audio until after it renders.


                  Now maybe my computer is not enough to run stabilizer in this program. AMD A8 with 8 gig?



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                    A.T. Romano Level 7

                    Dixon John


                    Looks like iPhone4S offers 1080p.


                    Sounds like good progress there with your choice of the project preset




                    DSLR 1080p30@29.97


                    I am surprized that the a 1 min video took 15 minutes to render (when no Video Stabilizer was applied to the clip beforehand). But, let me ask "At the end of that 15 minutes rendering process, do you then preview good video and audio quality where the video and audio are in sync?


                    The VideoStabilizer rendering time differential and the behavior for an unrendered Timeline in that case is not unusual. But that 15 minutes render time troubles me for that 1 minute clip, especially in view of

                    1920 x 1080 @ 29.97/30 progressive frames per second

                    Premiere Elements 12 (64 bit application)

                    Windows 8.1 (64 bit system) 8 GB RAM installed

                    and all the processor details that you have included.


                    A few things to consider...

                    a. An overkill on your part with those VideoStabilizer settings

                    b. Was your program installed to the default location on Local Disk C?

                    c. How do you have the Scratch Disks set up? (See Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks).

                    d. If we have the correct project preset, you should not be able to render the 1 minute file when it is first dragged to the Timeline. It will have no colored line indicating that you already have the best possible preview for it. But, once you have edit that clip, then there are the orange line over it and the possibility to render. So, I ask "If you did not apply the VideoStabilizer Effect to the clip yet, how did the clip become "render-able"...did you do an edit of some kind so that we are not talking about the original clip any more but rather an edited one wherein the edit created the program's need for that 15 minute render time?"


                    Please review and consider. Then we can think about this some more.


                    Thanks for the follow ups. Much appreciated.



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                      Dixon John Level 1

                      Thanks again. Sorry but I didn't make clear that the 15 min was after stabilizer but only on the default settings.  Yes the audio lines up, but I've had misaligned audio after placing quite a few clips on the timeline and couldn't get it to realign.  I tried Handbrake and it batch converts nicely.  Any settings suggestions threre? 


                      Installation and scratch disks are all default too. Scratch discs are "same as project" for most.

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7

                        Dixon John


                        Sounding better and better.


                        I have never gone the QuickTime Pro and Handbrake routes for the cell phone audio so right now I am not a good source for first hand information on that.


                        Recently we had a Premiere Elements user from Italy who did well with the Handbrake workaround. But I do not recall he posted settings.


                        Some Premiere Elements users have opted to use the ProDad Mercalli Video Stabilizer Plug-in. I have never done a one on one comparison with that product and the Premiere Elements VideoStabilizer. From all reports, the Premiere Elements VideoStabilizer does OK, but then again one must consider the nature of the video needing the video stabilization.