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    Copy from illustrator, paste in photoshop. My image is now tiny and pixelated


      My coworker and I just updated my photoshop CC yesterday and we are both having the same problem, so here is what happens:


      I draw a vector image in illustrator, say its a square that is 1x1".  I copy it from illustrator, and go to open a new photoshop document. My preset is "clipboard" which means it should give me a 1x1" square that is the resolution that i have set (in my case it is usually set at 1200 DPI), but instead, it is now setting it to .6x.6 inches. Then when I have the document open and paste it in, it is pasting it at a very low resolution and a smaller canvas size than my image is.


      If I dont use the clipboard preset and type in my own size, the resolution is fine when I paste my shape in. This works for shapes that are exact dimensions, but if I have a shape that is 2.2034x3.4565, its a little annoying to have to figure out that dimensions in illustrator then type it in when creating my photoshop document, epseically because I am doing this over and over throughout the day (creating bitmapped tiffs from vector illustrator shapes). Its also annoying to have to make it bigger then crop it down after I paste it in.


      Before the update, the clipboard preset would size it exactly to the size of my shape I copied from illustrator and the resolution would be fine.


      I am hoping it is something simple that I just need to check or uncheck, but I dont know where to start.


      Anyone know how to fix this?

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          Thank you Sarahjane_72,


          I'm having the same problem and just got off the phone with technical support.

          We've tied a few things with no solution. We can't revert back to 14.1.2.

          I've uninstalled Illustrator and Photoshop, then reinstalled them both and still I'm having the same problem. Hopefully they'll come up with a solution very soon.

          I'm not being productive as i also do this for most of the day.

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            Birck Level 1

            I have the same problem, but I found a workaround. It may be the same procedure Sarahjane_72 used. It adds two steps to the import: Copy the AI vector art, switch to PS, hit command-N, then, when the Paste dialogue box appears, *first* switch the box's units from pixels to whatever you use-centimeters, inches, picas. *Then* switch the scaling factor, e.g., 72dpi, to your preferred size, e.g., 300dpi, and the image should paste at the correct size. If you reverse the sequence and change the dpi first, it will not work, and the results will be unusable. I have no idea why it works one way and not the other, but switching first from pixels(a scaling factor) to an exact measurement in inches or centimeters seems to make all the difference. I've asked this question in other threads. Nobody has an answer, but I can tell you that this glitch survived a reformatting of my HD to get rid of a malware infection, followed by a re-install of the Adobe CC apps. So it seems to be due to some change in Photoshop. It's a big waste of time and I hope it wasn't consciously added as an "improvement".