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    How can I clear unwanted transformation boxes?


      In the last 24 hours free transform boxes have become fixed - I can't apply transformations.

      In addition, free transform boxes appear when they are not wanted.


      Here is an example: if I make a simple rectangular selection then copy and paste it into a new layer, as soon as I click on the pasted area I get an unwanted transform box which I can't get rid of.   It disappears whilst I am in a different layer but reappears on returning to the problem layer.

      Restarting makes no difference and the problem is present all the time with the simplest of images or just new plain shapes.

      I have made no changes to PS and added no new plugins, just carried out normal PS work over this period.

      To begin with I found once or twice that I could trick PS into applying the problem ransformation by clicking in the layer with the Text cursor but this trick soon failed.  Now if I select the text tool I get the query box: "Apply the transformation?"   Clicking "Apply" makes the transformation box disappear but it reappears again immediately the layer in question is clicked.


      I have CS5 12.1 x 64 , Windows 7 on a Dell XPS8300 with 8 GB of RAM

      Help please.