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    Size of .cpd in RoboHelp 7?


      I just recently upgraded to RH7 from RH5. I use RH HTML to generate WebHelp output. My Help sets tend to be smaller, 150-250 topics. In RH5, when my .cpd file got larger than 1 MB, my projects tended to become unstable and I started experiencing problems. In RH 7, I notice that same-size projects w/ .cpd files of 1.3 MB and 1.5 MB seem to work just fine. Does RH 7 accommodate a larger .cpd ,or is this just a case of projects that haven't crashed ... yet?

      Thanks in advance for any help.
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          lmarden Level 2
          An enlarged CPD (sounds like a medical problem...) typically indicates a corrupt CPD file. As a point of reference, my WebHelp Knowledge Base (in RH7) has over 2000 topics in it, and just shy of a gig of stuff supported by it. My CPD file is 3MB and working just fine. If you start seeing slow project access, or even get error messages about the CPD, it's time to rebuild it - which happens occasionally. But if it ain't broke, I would say don't fix it.
          I learned the hard way that I had to rebuild a corrupt CPD BEFORE I moved to RH6, which just had all sorts of problems trying to rebuild it. So luckily you have made it successfully to RH7, which is much more cooperative.
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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            Just to add to lmarden's advice. Should you need to delete the CPD file, take a look at this link and in particular the "What will be lost" section.
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              Linux Rules Level 2
              Here is how I handle this situation...

              Note: The .cpd file is an MS Access 97 file.

              1. Have a (legal) installation of MS Access (or access to Access), any version from Access 97 onward.

              2. Copy the project .cpd file to your desktop then rename the file in the Project folder (it becomes your backup).

              3. Open the desktop file in Access (note: Windows will ask what program to use to open the file - select MS Access).

              4. Access will complaint about converting to a current version - DON'T DO IT - just open the file. It will also complain about security problems and default to not allowing/opening stuff - IGNOR the warnings and just say "open it already!".

              5. Select Tools>DataBase Utilites>Compact and Repair Database...

              6. Same drill with the security warnings.

              7. When done, exit Access.

              8. Copy or move the compacted desktop file back into your Project folder.

              Here is the result of compacting our current project:
              Pre-compact size - 1.6MB
              Post-compact - 676KB

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                hurdl1 Level 1
                Many thanks to all who replied. Very helpful info!