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    Flex DataServices necessary working with  Java


      Im pretty new in Flex but like to know a few things for my company.

      The situation is this:

      We have a very large webproject with about 6000 JSP-Pages. Now we want to use new web 2.0 technologies to gain more usability, maintainability......

      Its a Java J2EE webproject with POJO´s and everything that comes with it.
      Now I have a problem:
      I already tried the communication with the flex dataservices. I tried it like this:

      This is the remote part in my mxml-File:
      <mx:RemoteObject id="myRemoteObject"

      And this is the part in my remoting-config:
      <channel ref="my-amf"/>
      <destination id="myRemoteObjectService">

      This works fine of course. But now I have a uestion if the dataservices are a must-have for this project. Maybe there are possibilitys to call Java-methods on the server using a different way for example with compiler-options?!?

      Because if I only have FlexBuilder2, there is no installation of the flexdataservice in my J2EE Server and so there is also no remoting-config, right? Its the problem because of the costs of the dataservices. I think I cant use the express-Version in that project because of multiple users (over 100).

      If there is a possibility, please let me know with only a short example or a place where I can read about this in a precise way.

      Thank you very much for the help!