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    Seems some hacker cracked my serial number?


      I just finished a customer service chat and it wasn't helpful at all, or perhaps it was but brought up some serious new problems. I am trying to deactivate my phtoshop CS3 extended so I can move my software to a new computer. Unforunately that option wasn't available under the help tab. The customer service told me that not only was my old Adobe account non-existent but also that my serial number was invalid. I don't see how that could have happened considering the sticker on the DVD case that my CS3 came in from Adobe themselves matches the serial number inside the program. The box and DVD cover show all the details of where the thing was made and all that. It's a legitimate copy of the program but Adobe's system calims the serial number is invalid. Did they scrub my serial number?


      *update* Tried googling the number and I found it on some russian forum. It seems they cracked the number. Now what? It was a one computer only software license.

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          Herbert2001 Level 4

          How did you come by that box of PS CS3? I remember that so-called "OEM" versions were sold through shady internet companies for low prices, claiming those versions were official, while they really were not. Even worse, those companies were using cracked serial numbers.


          Adobe never sold OEM versions of Photoshop after version 4 or 5, I believe.


          Not saying you have one of those versions, but a lot of users were lured into purchasing one of those "OEM" versions, and found out their serial number was invalid.

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            Mountey12 Level 1

            I thought I bought it from Adobe but after lots of snooping with the help of their customer support it seems I may not have. I'm searching for the invoice. Untill then, I guess I won't know. Its so weird, it even came with the creative suite 3 and everything.