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    Am I using Cleaner Tool right?


      I am trying to use the cleaner tool to clean up install and reinstall of InDesign CS4.  I uninstalled the CS4 suite entirely as Adobe Support instructed me to do, without deactivating the license because I'm reinstalling this on the same computer, not a different one.  Then I downloaded the Cloud Cleaner Tool for Mac, selected English, accepted the agreement.  I double clicked the cleaner tool and the screen comes up and asks me which product I want to clean.  I click CS4. Click . . . then this box comes up and is says, "the following installations were found on your system."  The box is blank so nothing was found.  I would imagine since I just uninstalled everything that would be logical.  At the bottom of the screen it says, "There is no session to delete."  And two of the three boxes are grayed out:  "Clean all CS3/CS4" and "Cleanup Selected"  so I can't click on either of them.  The only box that isn't grayed out is "Quit."


      So I wait and wait and nothing happens.  I don't think this thing is cleaning up anything, cuz I must have done something wrong.  No message comes up to indicate "the cloud cleaner tool completed successfully" as the instructions say it will.  I've redone this 3 times with all the same results.  Nothing happens.  Can someone help?  I've been on the phone and with Adobe Support since Monday and I'm no closer to getting my CS4 InDesign back to normal on my Mac than before.  HELP!  THANKS SO MUCH!