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    Is a mistake to use pixel masks in .psd files for sharp edges?

    ChristianAaltonen Level 1

      Hi there,


      I would like to ask somebody experienced abotut pixel masks in sharp edged images placed to Id. I am doing a product catalog (wear). Since the clothes have pretty sharp edges it might be best way to choose vector mask to cut them from the background. But creating a mask using Pen tool is really slow process. When using Quick selection Tool + Refine Edge + finishing touch with sharp Brush you can create the sharp pixel mask, 20 times faster. So did I. Fast and lucky.


      But now, when exporting the print PDF, there are nasty white edges around some products, when enlarging the PDF. I checked the source-files in PS and there the masks seems to be nice & precise.


      So I am asking finally. Is this because the Acrobat renders the file just approximately? Can i see some nasty edges on screen, while the print could be OK? Or am I absolutely wrong and the only way is to use a handmade vector mask using a Pen Tool for sharp images in print industry?


      Thank you guys.