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    Email verification problem

    Bad Coco

      I have uploaded a form to Forms Central.  I have the paid version.  I have made another email address a co-author and want confirmation emails sent from that address.


      I also want new submission notification to go to that address.


      It says it has to be verified, but I don't see how to do that.  I have the invitation on the second email address, but nowhere do I see where to verify.


      It just sends me to the open forms central page I was on to begin with.



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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          Any email address that you add to "Share" or "Email Notifications" has to have a "Verified" FormsCentral account (can be Free).  This means that you have to be able to log into FormsCentral using that email address.


          If you have not yet created an account for this additional Email Address you should go to the Sign In page and click "Create a free account", create an account using that new email address and "Verify" the account by checking your email and clicking on the "Verify" link in the Email that Adobe sends.  Once this account is set up and verified you can use it in your form - meaning that you can define that email address on the "Email Notifications" tab, and Share the form with that Email address...


          If you already have an account for that email but it has not been "Verified" and you don't know where the verification email is, simply try to sign into FormsCentral using that email and you will be prompted to Verify, it will offer to re-send the verification email.


          If you still have questions let me know...




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            Bad Coco Level 1

            got it, thanks!