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    Adobe tools used across lan - is it reasonable

    HarryPutnam Level 1

      setup: Win7 64bit older i7, 8gb ram

      Adobe cc with full too access


      I'm getting to a place where I'm going to need to expand. 


      Seems like its either a question of getting a fairly recent well powered working machine that can drive 4 to 6 hefty hdd drives in the 1-3tb or nearly so range .. each. So lots of storage and workroom plus maybe a nice sized solid state drive for the OS.


      Or what I've been wondering about, a well powered recent windows based working machine with only a couple 500gb hard drives and again a nice sized solid state drive for OS, and keep the bulk of the graphics files and backup data on a file server elswhere on the lan.


      I've been intertaining the notion of running a zfs server to hold my photo collection and all or at least most hefty graphic files as well as the periodic backups of everything.


      It would be a openindiana solaris server (One strain of the several open source versions of solaris).


      But the lan server part is really less important and not the subject of my query.


      I wondered if any one here works like this:


      Your main localhost and work machine is a decently powerful windows based machine, on which you run a recent full complement of adobe's main tools. And of course a small herd of other graphics apps.


      You keep the files on which you work on a lan server where the lan is 1000 gb ethernet through out.  That is, all the network parts, routers, wires adaptors etc are capable of sustained 1000gb transmission.  It is not a crowded network, possible even just a home lan.


      You actually carry out the work by running adobe tools over this lan, working on the files in place on the fileserver.


      That is, you do not pull the working files across the network, and work on them locally then put them back.  At least not for the most part.


      Is there a reasonable workflow that could be attained in that fashion or is it the idle daydreaming nonesense of a perenniel greenhorne?  Something that no real graphics working person would even consider.


      Understand that my work is not commercial in any way... its prosumer, hobby level with maybe a bit more of a wannabe pro flavor than some hobbiests might strive for.


      So, please any of you well experienced hands out there, let me know if the setup I've tried to briefly describe is a poor way to be heading.