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    flex explaination

      Can anyone explain what flex is?

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          Have a look here, there are demos of what Flex can do:

          Flex is an umbrella term for a group of technologies initially released in
          March of 2004 by Macromedia to support the development and deployment of
          rich Internet applications based on their proprietary Macromedia Flash
          Traditional application programmers found it challenging to adapt to the
          animation metaphor upon which the Flash Platform was originally built. Flex
          seeks to minimize this problem by providing a workflow and programming model
          that is familiar to application developers.

          Flex was initially released as a J2EE application or JSP tag library that
          compiles MXML and ActionScript on-the-fly into Flash applications (binary
          SWF files). Later versions of Flex support the creation of static files that
          are compiled at authoring time and can be deployed online without the need
          for a server license.

          The goal of Flex is to allow Web application developers to quickly and
          easily build rich Internet applications, otherwise known as RIAs. In a
          multi-tiered model, Flex applications serve as the Presentation Tier.

          Flex features development of graphic user interfaces using an XML based
          language called MXML. Flex comes with various components and features that
          make capabilities such as web services, remote objects, drag and drop,
          sortable columns, charting/graphing, built in animation effects, and other
          interface interactions simple. Since the client only loads once, application
          workflow is significantly improved versus HTML based applications (eg. PHP,
          ASP, JSP, CFMX) which require executing templates on the server with every
          action. Flex's language and file structure are seeking to decouple
          application logic from design.

          The Flex server also acts as a gateway to allow the client to communicate
          with XML Web Services and Remote Objects (such as Coldfusion CFCs, Java
          Classes, and anything else that supports the Action Message Format).

          Commonly mentioned as alternatives to Flex are OpenLaszlo and Ajax


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