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    Order for formscentral plus was not completed




      I ordered the yearly subscription yesterday for forms central plus and have received an email saying that the order could not be completed by no reason just to contact customer support,  How do I contact customer support????


      Says it is not available online, please help I need this subscription to finish my website and get paypal payments running.


      Finding it very frustrating to get any support from Adobe on this.


      Hoping for a speedy answer.

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          helensampson Level 1



          That link goes to a page that is not found and I am still unable to contact any form of support except this forum which I doubt will be able to tell me me why my order was not accepted.


          I understand it was the weekend but it isn't now and I just want an email address or to live chat with someone to find out how to upgrade my formscentral account as I really need to do this to finish a website.


          Quite frustrated now and will look for a different product today if I do not get any form of support from Adobe when I am trying to buy their product and my order is not accepted without any explanation or means to get one.


          Thank you for your attempt to help do you know of any other means to contact adobe???

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            helensampson Level 1



            further to my other reply below i am now even more frustrated.


            I managed yesterday to find online chat with an adobe representative and they informed that the problem with my order was with my bank, finally I had an answer.


            So today I call my bank and they now tell me that they have not declined any payments and in fact that each time I made the transaction with adobe they actually took £1 from my uk account not €132 as they were supposed, now I am even more confused.


            I also cannot find the same link that I managed to open a live chat with and it took me many frustrating searches to find it in the first place.


            I am on the verge of giving up on adobe which is a shame as I like the product and want to use it but this situation and lack of support is extremely frustrating to say the least.


            Please somebody tell me how I contact somebody to sort this out.