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    SSD or HDD?


      I know it has been asked a lot settings of hard drives, but my question is more than what type of hard disks and so. Now I'm Working with h.264 files and am now I start With the 5D MRK3 RAW Footage.


      My pc:




      -Asus P9X79-WS

      -Gigabyte GTX 670 2GB OC

      -32GB G.Skill 1600Mhz-

      -Corsair AX750W

      -Noctua D14 SE-2011

      -Cooler Master HAF-X



      C: 256GB Samsung 840 PRO (Os / App)

      D: 2x Caviar Black 1TB RAID 0 (Media / Projects / Cache)

      E: Caviar Black 1TB (Export / Media Cache)

      F: Caviar Green 1TB (D: Backups)

      G: Caviar Green 500GB (Music, movies, etc.)



      I would like to add new disks to my system, but I do not know what to do. I think of buying two 256gb Samsung Pro 840 in Raid 0, but I'm not sure that I put, media, exports, etc.. Or add just a higher capacity SSD (480GB, 500gb, 960GB). I've also thought about adding more HDD in RAID mode.



      I hope someone can help me. thanks

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          cc_merchant Level 4

          Did you have look at Tweakers Page - Disk Setup


          You may find this page also interesting Tweakers Page since you will run out of SATA ports on the motherboard.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Here's what I recommend:


            C: 256GB - System

            D: 1TB - Projects

            E: 500GB - Cache

            F: 1TB x 3, RAID 3 - Media (You'll need to get one more of the Black drives and an Areca card.)

            G: 1TB - Exports


            Use externals for backups and a second computer for non-editing activities.

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              StLako Level 1

              The settings you gave me I like it, but after reading the article that has shown me cc_merchant, I created many doubts, and I still do not know which disks to use for homework.



              In many forums I've seen people putting SSD RAIDs for export. In other SSD RAIDs for Media. Put for example giving me footage of a Black magic cinema camera that I think are on the RED 200Mb/so. Than i need the Most fast disks for the media.


              Also discussed in the article that Media Cache and Media Cache datebase need fast drive.


              Which Areca card do you recommend me?

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                cc_merchant Level 4

                C: 256GB - System, around 500 MB/s.

                D: 1TB - Projects, around 150 or less MB/s depending on fill rate.

                E: 500GB - Cache, around 80 MB/s or less depending on fill rate.

                F: 1TB x 3, RAID 3 - Media, around 250 MB/s.

                G: 1TB - Exports, around 150 MB/s, assuming a WD Black. WD Green around 80 MB/s.


                Does not sound like a good solution, especially with the slow speed of the Cache drive.

                You can come up with better alternatives, I think.

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                  StLako Level 1

                  So what you recommend me?


                  After read a lot forums and tweakers-page:


                  -C: 256GB - OS, Programs, Pagefiles

                  -D: Crucial M500 480GB or 3x 1TB Caviar Black RAID 0 - Media Project (Footage, Music, photos, graphics, etc.), Project.ppj

                  -E: 3x Caviar Black 1TB RAID 0 or SSD: Previews, Exports, Media Cache / Datebase.

                  -F: 2TB Caviar Green: Backups

                  -G: 1TB Caviar Green: Pc things (movies, music, documents)


                  External: 2TB WD My Passports USB 3.0: Backups.


                  Maybe add other SSD for Media Cache.


                  What do you think?