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    Pen pressure issues with CS6


      So, I'm having an odd issue with my tablet and its pressure sensitivity with CS6. I've got a Genius MousePen tablet; M508W model. I can use it on my mac computer with photoshop elements; pen pressure works just fine with it. In CS6, when I do the stroke preview for all of my burshes, it shows the tapering-- as well as in the brush settings. When I go to make an actual rush stroke though, it doesn't apply the pressure settings. I've got the most recent drivers for the tablet downloaded, All of the old driver software was uninstalled, I've made sure that the drivers are for my version of windows, I've tried setting the compatability back to windows 7 and using the windows 7 drivers, but STILL nothing. The only reason I'm lead to believe that this is an issue with CS6 is that the tablet works with PS Elements just fine. If anyone could help shed some light on the situation, I'd greatly appreciate it.