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    need Adobe Flash Player ActiveX (not plugin or debug)

    Arioman Level 1

      hi i really need to download a activeX installer version of flash player .



      i go these address and see :




      it seems none of setup package is activex and direct make for windows


      all of them is create for Browsers like internet Explorer , firefox , safari


      where i can found the activex Version that Create for win only ??  it seems third party flash tools like Swfkit and Zinc need Activex Version of flash player to embed flash player in desktop application and install it on silent mode if flash player not found.


      Look i take a screenshot and see details of two different flash player installer version 10 and 11 , and i cant use version 11 cause swfkit cant find flash player and install it from this package




      and on important thing about flash player activeX is when i run it , it will install Adobe Flash player without any splash screen and need to check on license agreement


      just like this image :




      where i can found this package ?? anyone can help me ??

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          Mike M Level 6

          "ActiveX" IS a plugin. There IS NO such animal as an ActiveX standalone Flash Player. Internet Exploder (and Office & Visual Basic) is the only place in the entire computing universe where you'll still find ActiveX controls... for anything.

          Nobody else uses them anymore except Microstuff and ONLY for the aforementioned apps.

          You can Download the Windows Flash Player 12 Projector (EXE, 9.77MB) which is a "standalone Player, but it DOESN'T use ActiveX, because it works OUTSIDE OF Internet Exploder.

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            Arioman Level 1

            Thanks so much mr.Mike for reply


            sorry for my mistake about activex , i thought wrong about it , maybe cause only the instllers that have this prefix work with Swfkit , but i dont get it , many stuff like Advertiment and Multimedia and Learning CD`s Still use Flash and in the next level use third party Flash Tools Like Zinc or Swfkit for Convert it to Desktop app or protect content


            these third party embed and Flash Player Installer inside and install them on first run if not found Flash player on Win !! so this Installer most install with runing , any more steps ( like Splash screen , next or finish ) cause error and closing Application



            Flash is not only use for Creating Flash Website or online Games


            So the flash player plugins is not need only for IE or Firefox or safari !!


            and Designer create a Multimedia CD for all level of users so we will need to install Flash Player In silent and easily if not detect on customers OS system.


            All i Ask or need is a Simple silent Flash Player installer without Spalash Screen or Click NEXT and license agremment and internet connection !


            just like older versions of Flash Player i have ( from 7 to 10 )

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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              Hi Arioman,

              All Flash Player installers have a splash screen.  The UI was completely redone in FP 10.3 to what it is now.


              Most products that use Flash Player (e.g. skype, winamp, weatherbug) use the ActiveX control, which is the the the 'Flash Player for Internet Explorer' download you are seeing on the distribution page.




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                Arioman Level 1



                do you think it`s possible to create a simple installer ??


                it seems there is only one or 2 files ( ocx ) enough for play swf , is that right ?

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                  Lara H

                  i found just for internet explorer aktive_x  if you need you can write me.. ok?