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    Captivate 7 - No Import Option


      I have exported and imported captions before via Word a few months ago.  I haven't needed to add new translations until now so I exported all captions from 3 of my cptl files, translated within the Word doc, opened up the same cptl files and the Import --> Project Captions and Closed Captions is greyed out on all of them.  I have tried the "Administrator" trick but it still doesn't give me the option to even select. I've tried my other captivate files and they all have the option greyed out.  I've closed out Captivate, reset my computer, opened again......all that and no changes.  Any ideas? 

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You said you were using CPTL files? Is that a typo?  You should be using CPTX files only. CPTL files are Captivate template files.


          Try creating a CPTX file from your CPTL and then check to see if this option is then available.  If it is, that may mean you can import the documents, but if not, you may need to do the translation again by exporting/translating/importing again.