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    Can't open files because ID5.5 is missing

    eraserhead woman
      Adobe InDesign CS5.5


      US $199.00  

      Upgrade, Windows, English, Ship the box to me

      Quantity: 1

      Shipped: Nov 10, 2011. SN for 7.5 ends ---------------------7677

      Here is my purchase order info. Had to get a new computer and old files won't open because my ID 5.5 software won't install (perhaps the disc is old and damaged?) Get error message that there are missing plugins. Can't find in Help or Discussion how to get new disc or download the ID5.5 upgrade. According to my account I should be updated to the 7.5 level. Really need to install and get up and running. Old files very important. Never had this problem before. Small business - freelance - don't want CC.

      Don't feel like doing business with Adobe after this. Very frustrated that there is no download for InDesign 5.5 on your download section. As you can see I paid an extra $199 for it because I had the Web Premium Suite that didn't have ID. I use ID more than any software in the suite. The HELP answer I got from Discussion was bogus. No 5.5 listed from that link. Used Adobe products for 24 years or more. Disgusted!