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    unable to enable the shockwave Flash Object in my add-on


      Hi, I have done the clean uninstall (flash player) as per the instructions on this web site, I have re install flash player as per the instruction also. In the add-ons my enable and disable button are both still greyed out, so cannot enable the add-on. I have searched the forum for solution however it seems that a lots of people do have the same problems but no one is giving a solutions (As far as I could find). I have also tried the active-x filtering as some people mentioned this but no luck. Both of my button stay greyout. this problem has come out when I upgraded internet explorer a while back and I have been wasting my time over and over to try to fix this. Since then I am using google chrome however I really would like to fix this problem with IE as it is driving me nuts having something on my computer that does not work properly. Does anyone out there including adobe people have a solution to fix this problem for good????


      I have window 7 64 bits with IE 11