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    Need help using second screen for video preview

    Cory Bauer

      Hey All,


      New 2013 Mac Pro user here. With my old Mac Pro I'd been relying on a KONA  card for simultaneous video previews out of After Effects; with the new system I figured I'd just run HDMI directly from the Mac and use my broadcast display as a second screen for previews. I had recalled doing something similar years ago and didn't give it a second thought until I fired up After Effects for the first time on the new system and saw no option for "digital cinema desktop preview".


      Turns out that feature came way of  a QuickTime component installed by the now-archaic Final Cut Studio. I was able to track down the components from an older machine and was off and running, until I had issues...


      Seems when the system is rendering hard, the digital cinema desktop preview will crash to a yellow screen, and stay that way until switching from and back to After Effects. And it happens frequently enough that this isn't really an acceptable workflow. What's worse, if the screen goes yellow during an actual render, the render will stop and give an error about being unable to write a file and the render possibly being corrupted.


      So, without buying any additional hardware, what's another way to get 1:1 pixel video preview on a secondary display? In Premiere you simply check a box in the preferences and it works - yet there appears to be no equivalent in After Effects?


      Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.


      I should add my system configuration, huh? Mac OS X 10.9.1, After Effects CS6, 2013 Mac Pro 8-core 3Ghz, 32GB RAM, Dual D300s, 256GB SSD. Desktop display is connected via minidisplay, broadcast monitor via HDMI.