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    Installation Icon Disappears w/out installing w/out error msg


      64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 on an ASUS laptop.  First noticed a problem with itunes - saying 'itunes has detected a problem with your audio configuration.'


      I checked youtube on IE9, and the video and audio were fine.  On Chrome however, youtube gave me a msg about needing to install flash player.  Firefox gave me a msg about the plug-in for Shockwave being vulnerable and in need of updating.   I never bothered to check any version numbers and simply uninstalled Flash entirely using the Flash Uninstaller I downloaded from Adobe.


      Now I have no flash player and, although I can run the Flash Installer, nothing ever happens.  If I download the installation executable, and dbl click ite, I get the UAC warning.  Clicking OK makes the icon disappear from my desktop without giving me any error message.


      I have attempted to install by downloading and installing using safe mode with networking and gotten the same result.  I even tried first downloading in normal mode, restarting in safe mode, and installing.  The icon still disappears.


      I'm not sure what I should be looking for in Event Viewer.


      I have run sfc /scannow and no integrity violations were detected 


      I have run a Quick scan with MS Security Essential, and it was clean.  I am currently 7 minutes into a full scan.




      I saw that a fellow named Mike M replied to another poster just a few hours ago, and his suggetsion was to provide 2 direct install links - 1 for IE and 1 for the other browsers.  The IE install went perfectly, and I can now, once again play youtube videos in IE.  I had less success with the other install.  Firefox 26 gives me an error box about Shockwave not responding, and I can cancel or continue to see if it responds.  Continuing gives me 'An error occurred.  Please try again later'  It is the same video I successfully watched in IE.  Chrome gives me ''The Adobr Flash Player is required for videp playback and provides a link to get the latest Flash Player.  Of course, I thought I had just done that.