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    Still Photograph Motion Slow Motion 3D Effect (like in Google Zeitgeist | Here's to 2013)


      Hello Everyone,

      I'm new to this forum. I'm also new to after effects. I came across this ad from Google called the "Google Zeitgeist" and I'm impressed with how they made the 3D effect. I've seen similar effects on some programs, namely that Microsoft program that lets you upload multiple photographs and it creates a 3D rendering to it. I have quite a bit of experience when it comes to 3D (probably not as much as the "professional" out there.



      In short, I'd like to basically reproduce the effects shown in this video using after effects:






      The time sequences start from 0:26



      Effect #1

      You will notice a static photograph with a blurred background from the beginning. There's a few people wearing teal, a few white and mostly red. From the lady in on the right hand side of the screen and to your right (her left) you see a person cut off quarterly and the lady has a marathon. One can conclude that this photograph is from a race.



      You will notice as the camera pans downwards as if the camera was physical present in that race and it's increasing upwards.



      Effect #2

      Soldier's are carrying an old person off what seems like the Philippines typhoon as the camera zooms out. Again, it's a static camera zooming out.



      Effect #3

      A man is throwing up the baby holding a flag. It's also rotating the camera as if the camera was moving.



      My question how to reproduce these effects on a still photograph using after effects. Does anyone have any pointers for tutorials to accomplishing something similar if not exactly how it is?