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    Formatting Indd for ePub


      I've run into a problem that I can't reconcile. I've used InDesign for years but this is the first time I've used it for ePub. I exported my book, but the final product isn't maintaining any of the formatting that I set in my book. I have chosen a specific font and formatting for my title and copyright pages. The title page is maintaining alignment but is losing the font. The copyright page is not aligned right at all (I want it centered, but it's left aligned).


      How do I keep the formatting consistent from how I view it on screen, to how it exports to Digitial Editions, and on through all the various digital publishing juggernauts (such as Amazon or B&N)?

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Pesto

          You'll need some training - an excellent online tutorial has just been published:




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            PestoMonkey Level 1

            I will check that out. Thank you, Derek.

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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

              InDesign has increasingly improved EPUB capabilites. To answer such a question ist would be important to know on which version of InDesign you are working? A correct answer will be different to each version, even since CC has launched the correct answers have changed.

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                PestoMonkey Level 1

                I'm using CC.


                I haven't watched the Lynda tutorial yet, I will soon.I suspect my issue has to do with setting my styles up correctly. I understand character styles play a big part in getting the final product looking the way you want. I thought I'd solved the issues and then today I sampled my epub on my android tablet and all the formatting was wrong. The fonts and alignment of my front matter were wrong and my chapter titles had no formatting whatsoever. And my italic text within the body had reverted to plain formatting. Epub is such a new thing, but are there conventions to be aware of? Like "if you want italic text always use a character style to apply it"?

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                  Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
                  1. Do you work with Paragraph Styles? It is important to do so.
                  2. Do you use Character Styles for exceptions in your text formatting? It is important to do so.
                  3. Do you use Object Styles for frames and groups? Do it also.
                  4. Did you fill the tag section in the styles above? It is very important for EPUBs.
                  5. If you have combinations of text and images to have a fixed layout, like a book cover, then you should group it. Also, if you want a text layout as an image, group it. Apply an Object Style with a tag section to this group.
                  6. Are your fonts embedded? Use only fonts which are able to embed, and in the export to EPUB section apply to include fonts. Even if you have done it, not every device or app will use your fonts, some will not.


                  You have to think as EPUBs in terms of (X)HTML pages, like with web browsers you are not able to determine which browser the user will use and which version of it. EPBUS are a bundle of XML files and folders, packaged and archived to a zip file with the extension of .EPUB.

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                    Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                    This free validator is helpful (vital) in checking your ePubs:


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                      PestoMonkey Level 1

                      I'm almost all the way through Anne-Marie's tutorial and have learned a lot of details which have helped me understand the system.


                      I am formatting a novel for epub, so it's 99% text, with very few graphics. I have a professional cover image (which I'm letting InDesign deal with on export) and I have a small logo for my title page. Everything else is text.


                      The only thing I'm wondering about, which I'd hoped the tutorial would cover but it hasn't, is how to deal with a text frame that you want vertically centered. As in my title page or my copyright page. To clarify, I want the text within the frame to be centered vertically, and have set an object style to that effect, but the object style's formatting does not carry through to epub.


                      This is my layout so far:

                      • Cover (Indesign has this taken care of)
                      • Title page (I would like this vertically centered. I have applied an object style to the text frame to tell it to do so, which it does in InDesign, but not in the exported epub... I suspect since it's text it behaves differently than an image and I will probably need to set a style with some paragraph spacing to give the illusion of vertical centered text without actually doing it... is there another way to vertically center a text frame?)
                      • Copyright page (also want this vertically centered)
                      • Contents page
                      • Chapter One (I have a paragraph style to force this to start a few inches down on the page and it seems to work great)
                      • My only other issue was with the font I'd chosen for my titles and chapter headings, which I suspect is not an embeddable font. It appears correctly on my PC reader, but not on my mobile readers, so I will change it to a more accessible font in the final version.


                      On another note, how crucial is filling the tag section in the styles if I don't have any special external CSS I'm trying to map to? (or whatever the term is)


                      Thank you so much for your help.