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    Flash CC Won't Run Test Movie

    davedev066 Level 1

      Sometimes when I run test movie or debug movie, the Export SWF Movie dialog displays but then the running movie never displays. After many seconds, a Debug Session Failed dialog displays and “Socket closed” displays in the output window. I can try to run test movie multiple times with no success but each time a SimController process is created and no Simulator window displays. This is on Mac OS 10.8.5 with Flash CC publishing an AIR for iOS 3.8 movie.


      It might be occurring sometimes after a script has been changed in Flashbuilder and is open in Flash CC. I try to run Test Movie in Flash CC and it gives me the changed script/save dialog, I save, and then test the move. However, this works most of the time, but at least a couple times it may have occurred and led to the above error.


      It occurs with multiple different AIR 3.8 movies. It occurs with other AIR movies such as AIR Desktop, but AS3 movies run.


      The only way to fix is to restart the OS. Restarting Flash CC doesn’t help. Killing all the SimController processes doesn’t help.


      The only log message I see at the error time is:


      Jan 19 06:02:16 Davids-iMac.local coreservicesd[41]: FindBestLSSession(), no match for inSessionID 0x186a0 auditTokenInfo( uid=205 euid=205 auSessionID=100000 create=false