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    How to make preloader & sound object play nice?

      I'm building this file, and it's not an unusual, or even very challenging file. It's a long keyframe timeline animation, with a mute on/off button for the one sound object, and a pause/start button to control the whole movie.

      Everything works, until I try to introduce a preloader.

      Seems like preloaders and soundobjects don't like each other.

      I've tried:

      - preloader in main file: won't display the preload animation, whether or not the soundobject is exported to first frame (from linkages menu).

      - external preLoader swf, with loadClip. This works, EXCEPT that the sound will only play if it's in the timeline. If I introduce the sound in the main movie as a soundobject, it plays in the main movie, but not when it's preloaded through an external preloader swf.

      Now, I can think of a few things, but I'm a little daunted by the prospects.

      1) Is there a way to control sound volume (only one sound file in entire file), without introducing the mp3 in a sound object? If yes, what/where?

      2) I can use Ken Bellow's tutorial code
      ( http://www.kennybellew.com/tutorial/...ttachsound.htm )
      to create an external swf containing only the audio file, and then use loadSound in the main movie to create a preloader for the sound only, but i still have another 800k or so in the main movie that I need to preload, so I need to preload BOTH the audio and the main file, and I don't know how to create a VAR that adds both of those, and base the percentloaded on that.

      Any advice/guidance greatly appreciated. There are so many flash files with audio and UI, this must be a problem people deal with all the time....