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    bridge cc crash


      bridge CC crash  when it explore folder with very big files. I had the same trouble before with bridge CS6 until an uptade fixed the bugg. Does somebody know this problem? Witch files crach Bridge CC? How can we fix that?

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          I was looking for an answer to the same thing. I can't access many of the folders that I had no issues accessing in previous versions of Bridge. Yes, the folders are big (video files) and Bridge just freezes up. I have to force quit the program. If there is no solution to this, is there a way I can reinstall the previous verison of Bridge??

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            jfr007 Community Member

            After many test, I'm sure: Bridge CC have exactly the same problem than Bridge CS6 in it's first version: it can read every heavy psd or psb but crash when a jpg is bigger than 26000 pixel wide ( photoshop manage jpg until 30000 px, so I save most of my jpg at 30000px wide) I could convert every jpg in psd, but will have very heavy folder. I hope than Adobe will fix ASAP this bugg as before for CS6 ...

            I have the same question that MediaLen : How can I found now Bridge CS6 ?

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              Omke Oudeman Community Member

              I believe the 30.000 pixel max is not present anymore in PS but I rarely have those size so not sure.


              By default Bridge is set to view only files up to 1 GB. You can use the Bridge Preferences / Thumbnails to change this setting to your purpose.

              Also by default the preview quality is set to Always HQ, which creates huge cache files for large files. If you have set the option to also generate 100 % preview this will take a lot of resources, disk space and time.


              Also you have the option to use 'embedded previews only' (using the checker icons top right in Bridge window). Try experimenting with those settings.


              You should also have a powerful system with enough RAM (for those files 16 GB seems minimum to me) and be aware Bridge is very processor demanding so when you start those big jobs be sure you have not other power consuming applications running in the background.


              And the option to write cache to folders when possible (also Bridge prefs) can cause problems and also takes a lot of resources and space.


              When you use HDD be sure to have at least 20 % free space left.


              If you have a CC subscription you can also download the CS6 version using the Creative Cloud Application. Click on an app inhere to reach the Creative Cloud Download Center and under PS choose CS6 instead of CC.


              Bridge CS6 comes with PSCS6 so you have to download and install this version to get Bridge CS6

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                jfr007 Community Member

                Thank you for your answer. I don't think the trouble is about memory or processors : I used Bridge CS 6 on the same PC with the sames folders and big images and it did work perfectly. My PC have 32 Gb memory , I7 processor, SSD scratch disks and 16 Tb raid HD. I tried every settings include no 100% previews, embedded previews only. Now Bridge crash just when opening...I would have now to throw the preferences before lauching, then purge the cache...

                It's the same bugg than for the first versions of Bridge CS6, with big jpg files. I will install CS6 again, waiting an upgrade of CC with the bugg fixed. Hope Adobe will see my request. Thank you.

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                  Curt Y Community Member

                  Adobe rarely looks at this site.  In addiltion you have a unique problem as have never see it listed before.  Therefore it is probably not even on the screen.  For Adobe to fix a "bug" it has to affect a number of users, and they have to be able to reproduce it in the lab.


                  Adobe visits this site more frequently so post problem here and hope you get a lot of votes.  http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family

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                    jfr007 Community Member

                    OK. Thank you. I just did it.