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    CFEXECUTE to run a Perl script not returning anything

    Grant Level 1
      I'm trying something like:
      <CFEXECUTE NAME="/var/www/cgi-bin/something.pl" TIMEOUT="60"/>
      but there is no output. This works from the command line and from the browser (running CFHTTP is not a great substitute here).

      I've read on the forums that this could be a permission issue, but I'm not getting an error. The documentation for CFEXECUTE says "If the effective user of the ColdFusion executing thread does not have permissions to execute the process: a security exception." So why no exception? FYI, I'm running ColdFusion 7 on Linux.

      I know that CFEXECUTE by itself works because this tag works and returns the date/time: <CFEXECUTE NAME="date" TIMEOUT="60"/>

      If ColdFusion does need to have different permissions and/or run as a different user in order to run a Perl script, how do you set this up? And is this a big security issue if it's on a public web server?

      Thanks for any input.