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    Image quality




      I am new to InDesign and I am having an quality issue when placing images. No matter what I do I always end up with jaggy images.

      As you see on the image below my original image in Photoshop looks as it is supposed to but when placed in InDesign it looks terrible.

      My display settings is set to "High" and I view the document at 100%. I have read in earlier posts that you cannot rely on the quality of images in InDesign and when printed they will look allright. Thats also true in this case. When exported as PDF the image has improved but if you look close there seems to be a line to left and below the circle.


      My question is am I doing something wrong here? Isn't it possible to create a image (icon) in Photoshop and place it in InDesign and have it displayed in a proper quality?